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Home Loan Interest Rates

Home Loan interest rate is usually the first query / question asked by a prospective home loan borrower. Home Loan interest rates are hovering between 9.50% to 9.65%% at the moment depending on the Bank, borrower profile and property type. Home Loan interest rates could be either fixed or floating in nature, however they are these days mostly given at a floating rate of interest, since fixed interest rates attract prepayment penalty and floating have none. Home Loan Interest rates are usually governed by macro-economic factors and RBI monetary policies, which are subject to review. Banks link their Home Loan interest rates to their Base Rate and add a Nil or positive margin to arrive at the effective Home Loan interest rate. Home Loan interest rates are the lowest rate of interest at which funds can be borrowed as all other loans like Auto loans, personal loans, business loans etc. are charged at a much higher rate of interest.

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